Later school start times for supporting the education, health, and well-being of high school students: a systematic review

Autor(es): Marx, Robert; Tanner-Smith, Emily E.; Davison, Colleen M.; Ufholz, Lee-Anne; Freeman, John; Shankar, Ravi; Newton, Lisa; Brown, Robert S.; Parpia, Alyssa S.; Cozma, Ioana; Hendrikx, Shawn

Date: 2017

Pages: p. 1-99 + 2 p.

Serie: Campbell Systematic Review

Series Volume: 13, 1 (2017)

This Campbell systematic review examines the impact of later school start times on student academic performance, mental health and family and community outcomes. The review summarises findings from 17 reports of 11 interventions in six countries.

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