The potential of international large-scale assessments for meta-analyses in education

Autor(es): Scherer, Ronny; Siddiq, Fazilat; Nilsen, Trude

Date: 2024

Serie: Large-scale Assessments in Education

Series Volume: 12 (4)


Meta-analyses and international large-scale assessments (ILSA) are key sources for informing educational policy, research, and practice. While many critical research questions could be addressed by drawing evidence from both of these sources, meta-analysts seldom integrate ILSAs, and current integration practices lack methodological guidance. The aim of this methodological review is therefore to synthesize and illustrate the principles and practices of including ILSA data in meta-analyses. Specifically, we (a) review four ILSA data inclusion approaches (analytic steps, potential, challenges); (b) examine whether and how existing meta-analyses included ILSA data; and (c) provide a hands-on illustrative example of how to implement the four approaches. Seeing the need for meta-analyses on educational inequalities, we situated the review and illustration in the context of gender differences and socioeconomic gaps in student achievement. Ultimately, we outline the steps meta-analysts could take to utilize the potential and address the challenges of ILSA data for meta-analyses in education.

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