Teacher deployment in Sierra Leone: lessons learnt and moving forward

Autor(es): Beoku-Betts, Iman

Organisation(s): EdTech Hub

Date: 2023

Pages: 19 p.


This report provides an overview of the teacher deployment process in Sierra Leone prior to and including 2022. Through interviews with key stakeholders in the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) and the Teaching Service Commission (TSC), we look at lessons learnt from the deployment process and next steps for how teacher deployment can be implemented. Although there are a number of volunteer teachers in Sierra Leone, the TSC are aiming to increase the number of qualified teachers on the government payroll as well as retaining teachers in rural areas. It was noted that teachers from rural areas being put on the government payroll and deployed to rural schools are better placed to teach in rural schools than teachers moving from urban to rural areas. Hpwever, it is still challenging to find qualified teachers in these rural areas. The TSC want to look at how they can target teachers to take up rural positions, either through distance learning to gain the right qualifications or working with teacher training institutions (TTIs) to prioritise schools in rural areas for placement. Overall, the TSC want to use data as the basis for decision-making on deploying teachers equitably.

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