SACMEQ IV Malawi report: assessing the learning achievement of standard 6 pupils

Autor(es): Masanche, Martin; Kayira, Jennings; Meke, Elizabeth

Publisher(s): Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

Date: 2017

Pages: xxiv, 172 p.


The fourth Southern and Eastern Africa Consortium for Monitoring Educational Quality (SACMEQ IV) report presents the results of the study on conditions of schooling and the quality of education offered at primary level in Malawi. The SACMEQ IV study project began in 2012. The main data collection for the project was conducted in 2013 and covered a total of around 57, 885 standard 6 pupils, 6,667 standard 6 teachers, and 2,507 School Heads. The main purpose of the study was to gather information that could be used by ministries of education in the 15 participating member countries to track trends in a) the general conditions of schooling, b) the Reading and Mathematics achievement levels of Grade 6 learners and their teachers, and c) the knowledge that learners and their teachers have about HIV and AIDS. An important principle applied in the SACMEQ projects was that the methodology and instruments that were used in the SACMEQ IV project in 2007 were the same as in SACMEQ II and III. This ensured comparability of the conditions of schooling and achievement results of Standard 6 learners from 2002 to 2013.

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