Patterns of teacher collaboration, professional development and teaching practices: a multiple correspondence analysis of TALIS 2018

Autor(es): Methlagl, Michael

Date: 2022

Pages: p. 1-9

Serie: International Journal of Educational Research Open

Series Volume: 3 (2022), 100137


Teacher collaboration and professional development activities are core issues of teacher professionalisation. The purpose of this explorative study is to explore patterns of professional development participation, teacher collaboration and teaching practices using multiple correspondence analysis. Feedback provided to teachers and class characteristics were also included in the analysis. Therefore, secondary analysis of lower secondary teacher data from the OECD Teaching and Learning International Survey 2018 was conducted. The explorative analyses show that teachers who are not participating in collaboration activities are less likely to use teaching practices like clear instruction and cognitive activation. Feedback and class characteristics also show small but notable connections to collaboration and teaching practices. Teacher working with challenging classes (e. g. high number of children with problem behaviour) frequently use cognitive activation and clear instruction practices but also less collaboration and participation in professional development.

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