Is child labor a barrier to school enrollment in low- and middle-income countries?

Autor(es): Putnick, Diane L.; Bornstein, Marc H.

Date: 2015

Pages: p. 112-120

Serie: International Journal of Educational Development

Series Volume: 41 (2015)


Achieving universal primary education is one of the Millennium Development Goals. In low- and middle-income developing countries (LMIC), child labor may be a barrier. Few multi-country, controlled studies of the relations between different kinds of child labor and schooling are available. This study employs 186,795 families with 7- to 14-year-old children in 30 LMIC to explore relations of children's work outside the home, family work, and household chores with school enrollment. Significant negative relations emerged between each form of child labor and school enrollment, but relations were more consistent for family work and household chores than work outside the home. All relations were moderated by country and sometimes by gender. These differentiated findings have nuanced policy implications.

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