Hybrid education, learning, and assessment: a reader; an overview of frameworks, issues and developments in light of COVID-19 and the way forward

Organisation(s): UNESCO International Bureau of Education

Publisher(s): UNESCO International Bureau of Education

Date: 2023

Pages: 264 p.


In contemporary education, Hybrid Education, Learning, and Assessment (HELA) practices have experienced a surge in adoption, transcending the boundaries of technology-driven paradigms. This transformative wave is reshaping the educational landscape, redefining the very essence of pedagogical strategies. These practices are embedded in the way we live, work and communicate in the current world, and as such we need to help schools to connect meaningfully to social practices at present and in the future. HELA seeks to support a broadening of how curriculum is understood and developed and to emphasize greater and more democratic learning opportunities, processes, and outcomes for all learners, through better integration and complementarities between face-to-face and remote education. This book presents an overview of the accelerated emergence of HELA practices globally after the impulse given by the pandemic, including relevant case studies and examples. Systematising what has been learned from the educational innovations generated to support learners and learning during the crisis, we showcase innovative programmes from around the world that combine hybrid modes to enlarge learning opportunities. In addition, this work offers a rigorous examination of the transformative potential of HELA, offering valuable insights into the field of education as it continues to evolve.

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