Data Must Speak: Unpacking factors influencing school performance in Maranhão

Other title(s): Data Must Speak: Entendendo os fatores de desempenho das escolas maranhenses

Autor(es): Lépine, Andrea; Minardi, Ana Luiza; Bergmann, Jessica

Organisation(s): UNICEF Innocenti - Global office of Research and Foresight; Brasil. State Department of Education in Maranhão; UNICEF Brazil

Publisher(s): UNICEF Innocenti

Date: 2024

Pages: 60 p.


Despite several efforts to strengthen its education system, the State of Maranhão in Brazil continues to face challenges in equitably improving student learning outcomes. By merging and analyzing existing administrative datasets in Maranhão, Brazil, this report helps identify important associations between various factors and school performance in Maranhão, Brazil. These results will serve as a basis for identifying possible policy priotrities and areas for future research in the education sector.

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