An indicator may be defined as a tool that should make it possible both to have a sense of the state of an education system, and also to report on that state to the whole of the education community, in other words, to the whole of the country.

Sauvageot, Claude. 1997. Indicators for educational planning: a practical guide. Paris: UNESCO-IIEP.
example of use

In order to construct a good indicator, one must be able to identify the most interesting phenomena to measure.These willdepend,inter alia, on the country’s choices as inspired by the objectives of its education policy. The relevance of some indicators is more universal and descriptive, but in every case their importance will depend on the context. The areas covered generally relate to access, coverage, quality, effi ciency and resource management (Sauvageot and Dias da Graça, 2007: 23).

Sauvageot, Claude, et Patricia Dias da Graça. 2007. Using indicators in planning education for rural people in Africa: a practical guide. Paris; Rome: UNESCO-IIPE; FAO.
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