Where immigrant students succeed: a comparative review of performance and engagement in PISA 2003

Other title(s): Schulerfolg von Jugendlichen mit Migrationshintergrund im internationalen Vergleich

Organisation(s): OECD

Publisher(s): OECD

Date: 2006

Pages: 222 p.


Successful integration of immigrant populations is essential for ensuring social cohesion in immigrant receiving nations. Immigrants bring a wealth of human capital which, if nurtured carefully, can positively contribute to economic well-being and cultural diversity of the host country. Yet, tapping into this potential remains a major challenge for policy makers. What barriers exist for young immigrants today? Can school contribute to reducing those barriers and in turn help young immigrants succeed in their adopted countries? Drawing on data from the OECD's Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), this report examines the performance of students with immigrant backgrounds and compares it to that of their native counterparts. As well as providing information on countries' approaches to the integration of immigrants, it looks at other factors that could influence immigrant students' peformance - such as their attitudes to school, their motivation and learning strategies as well as their social background and the language spoken at home - giving valuable implications for educational policy.

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