Spotlight on basic education completion and foundational learning: Rwanda

Autor(es): DeShano da Silva, Carol; Gándara, Fernanda; Reeves, Aimee

Organisation(s): Global Education Monitoring Report Team; Association for the Development of Education in Africa; Rwanda. Ministry of Education; School-to-School International

Publisher(s): UNESCO

Date: 2022

Pages: 42 p.


The study aimed to stimulate an informed and strategic country-led policy dialogue with stakeholders and development partners which would, in turn, lead to tangible actions to address identified issues. It also assessed progress towards reaching targets. This Spotlight report will be a key input into an annual continental Spotlight report that will serve as a basis for continental peer dialogue on issues related to universal basic education (UBE) completion and foundational learning. Four research questions guided the Spotlight study: 1) What is the current state of Rwanda’s education system in terms of the seven factors identified for the report’s analytical framework? 2) What progress has the country made in achieving UBE completion and foundational learning skills? 3) What challenges does the country face in achieving UBE completion? What solutions is the country pursuing to overcome them? 4) What are potential ways forward to foster foundational learning outcomes given the structural characteristics of the country’s system and the country’s current commitments to other goals?

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