Realizing education for all in the digital age

Organisation(s): Asian Development Bank; Japan International Cooperation Agency

Date: 2019

Pages: 98 p.


Education is a key driver for sustainable and inclusive development. However, education now faces two broad challenges: to extend the availability of high-quality education to all in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and to equip people to deal with the rapid technological changes in the Digital Age that are aff ecting the demand for skills, the nature of work, and the global allocation of employment. Under Japan’s presidency of the Group of Twenty (G20), in order to guide G20 policy discussions, the Think20 (T20) has addressed a broad range of education issues under the direction of two of its task forces: “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (Task Force 1)” and “The Future of Work and Education for the Digital Age (Task Force 7).” The education issues addressed by the two task forces are closely related. Accordingly, this book collects nine Policy Briefs drawn from the work of these two task forces. These Policy Briefs provide insightful recommendations and will help guide discussions among G20 countries and their partners to inspire global and national action.

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