Policy brief: expanding inclusion of learning opportunities for all - Kenya

Organisation(s): People's Action for Learning Network; INCLUDE Platform

Date: 2022

Pages: 9 p.

Serie: Policy dialogues series


In this Policy Brief, People’s Action for Learning presents an overview of the six Policy Dialogues on education in Kenya held in the past 2 years, and offers the following recommendations to enhance equality and inclusion for all learners: 1) Increase teacher capacity and improve teacher-pupil ratio; 2) Enhance capacities of schools to cater to learners with special needs; 3) Strengthen schools as safety nets for learners with some special needs and disability; 4) Provision for neurodiverse learners; 5) Increase and rationalise resources; 6) Expanding inclusion of children in marginalised areas; 7) Expanding inclusion through Community-Based Learning (CBL) and Home-schooling; 8) Ensuring continuity of learning for all children; 9) Revisit equity and inclusion in the school deboarding debate.

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