Local learning ecosystems: emerging models

Autor(es): Hannon, Valerie; Thomas, Louise; Ward, Sarah; Beresford, Tom

Organisation(s): Qatar Foundation; World Innovation Summit for Education; Innovation Unit

Date: 2019

Pages: 98 p.

Serie: WISE Reports

Series Volume: RR.1.2019


Across the globe there is a growing consensus that education demands radical transformation if we want all citizens to become future-ready in the face of a more digitally enabled, uncertain and fast changing world. Education has the potential to be the greatest enabler of preparing everyone, young and old, for the future, yet supporting learning too often remains an issue for schools alone.
In this report the authors explore the potential of learning ecosystems: first through a rapid review of recent writing by leading authors, and next, through nine case studies of initiatives at various stages of maturity.

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