Literacy and life skills assessment of Syrian youth (2021)

Other title(s): تقييم معرفة القراءة والكتابة والمهارات الحياتية لدى الشباب السوري (2021)

Organisation(s): UNESCO Office Beirut and Regional Bureau for Education in the Arab States

Publisher(s): UNESCO

Date: 2022

Pages: 67 p. + 9 p.

The Syrian crisis has caused disruptions to children’s and youth’s education for over a decade. The COVID-19 pandemic, with the related school closures, has added an additional burden to the existing situation, impacting learning outcomes worldwide. Assessing the status of Syrian youth’s competencies in literacy, numeracy and life skills, is essential in order to plan and implement better programmes to help them catch up on their learning losses. The ultimate goal is to support them to be able to go back into the main education streams or provide them with basic skills to cope with daily needs in their personal and professional environments. The ‘Literacy and Life Skills Assessment of Syrian Youth’ (LLASY) study measures current literacy and numeracy levels, as well as life skills of the youth of Syria of the 15 to 24 age group currently living inside the country. The sample includes youth, female and male, who are enrolled in educational or training institutions, as well as those who are out of them.

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