Learning champions: how 15 countries, cities, and provinces came together to rethink learning assessment

Autor(es): Anderson, Kate; Muskin, Joshua A.

Organisation(s): Brookings Institution (USA). Center for Universal Education

Date: 2018

Pages: 54 p.


This report describes the process undertaken by a group of 15 “Learning Champions”—countries, provinces, and cities—that came together to experiment with the Learning Metrics Task Force (LMTF) 1.0 recommendations and develop strategies for improving their education systems. They did this by seeking to measure learning across the seven learning domains and seven measurement areas captured in the LMTF 1.0 recommendations. First, the authors describe these domains and measurement areas along with the structure of the Learning Champions initiative. Next, they present the experiences and activities of the 15 Learning Champions. Finally, they discuss the lessons learned from the initiative and present examples of the tools developed through it.

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