Indicators for all? Monitoring quality and equity for a broad and bold post-2015 global education agenda

Autor(es): Barrett, Angeline M.; Sørensen, Tore Bernt

Organisation(s): Open Society Foundations

Date: 2015

Pages: 45 p.


This paper sets out to reclaim rights-based thinking on for the current proposals for the education Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). The proposed indicators are intended to contribute to a broad and bold agenda for education quality compatible with the targets set out in two proposals for a post-2015 education goals – the Muscat Agreement (Global Education For All Meeting 2014) and Open Working Group (OWG) proposal (Open Working Group for Sustainable Development Goals 2014). Two targets are addressed, the “relevant learning outcomes” component of the basic education target and the target for qualified teachers. The paper is organized into two parts. Part I looks back at experience with the education MDG, EFA goals, and understandings of quality within the EFA movement to arrive at a framework for formulating indicators. Suggestions for post-2015 indicators are set out in Part II. The conclusion argues that the development goal should not only monitor what has been achieved against a pre-determined agenda but support stakeholders across all levels to create and implement a broad and bold agenda for education.

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