Education reimagined: leadership for transformation

Autor(es): Mackay, Anthony; Redman, Keith; Marzi, Zena; Miller, Andrew

Organisation(s): Centre for Strategic Education (Australia); WISE Agile Leaders of Learning Innovation Network, ALL-IN

Publisher(s): Centre for Strategic Education (Australia)

Date: 2022

Pages: 76 p.


Education Reimagined: Leadership for Transformation introduces 23 brief case studies with lessons learned, research evidence and findings. They showcase innovation in leadership, policy and practice on how emerging models teaching and learning can be developed and led from the inside-out - and demonstrate the power of distributed empowerment and transformative leadership. In this publication, we offer a transformational agenda focusing on three key themes: 1) Emerging leadership skills and capabilities; 2) Teacher and team leadership; and 3) The power of networks and clusters for transformational change. All of the case studies and findings of this report are tailored for education leaders or stakeholder interested in outlining a transformation path in their country or educational authority, such as a state or district. It is also intended for civil society groups, donors, academics, and anyone interested in national development via educational leadership development and the role of innovation.

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