Are our children learning (2016)? Uwezo Kenya sixth learning assessment report

Organisation(s): Twaweza East Africa

Date: 2016

Pages: 36 p.


In its sixth year of assessing children’s basic literacy and numeracy skills, Uwezo continues to find that children are not learning as they should be. On average, 30 out of 100 Class 3 pupils can do Class 2 work, while 8 out of 100 pupils in Class 8 cannot. In addition, the Uwezo data highlight some critical issues in terms of teacher distribution. Teachers are critical to learning and the recent findings confirm that lower pupil-teacher ratios have a strong effect on learning. [...] These findings, released by Uwezo at Twaweza, are from the sixth national learning assessment conducted between October and November 2015. Uwezo partners tested over 130,000 children, aged 6 to 16, from all 47 counties in the country. Data were collected from more than 4,500 schools and 69,000 households. The report, Are Our Children Learning?, examines three interconnected challenges in education: learning outcomes and what drives them, teachers and access to pre-primary, and primary education.

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