Analytical report on the global innovations and monitoring of the status of smart education

Autor(es): Amelina, Natalia; Dvoretskaya, Irina; Romanova, Olga; Savitsky, Kirill; Udayada, Galina; Uvarov, Alexander; Yang, Junfeng; Rongxia Zhuang

Organisation(s): UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education; National Research University (Russian Federation). Higher School of Economics; Beijing Normal University (China)

Publisher(s): HSE University

Date: 2022

Pages: 97 p.


This report aims to refine and expand the core set of smart education indicators for the purposes of tackling a broader range of policy problems relating to education system transformation. It proposes a set of qualitative and quantitative indicators for monitoring and evaluating the status of smart education and an index methodology for providing a clear structure for indicators, computing indices and making actionable policy recommendations. In terms of its practical implications, this report should serve as a reference and guide for collecting smart education data at the national level and conducting surveys on smart education.

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