School grant


A school grant is the transfer of funds from the central level directly to schools to cover their running costs.

[Adapted from] Chimier, C.; Harang, C. 2018. Designing and implementing a school grant policy. Paris: UNESCO-IIEP.


example of use

The policy landscape in which school grant policies are designed and implemented varies from one country to another; however, in all four countries,  these  policies have been  implemented  to respond  to the following  policy  objectives,  more or  less explicitly,  as noted in the respective guidelines: contribute to equal access to school for all children, including the poorest, by reducing the cost barriers of schooling to parents; improve education quality in the beneficiary schools;  improve school management and functioning  through  greater school autonomy; increase administrative efficiency (Lugaz and De Grauwe, 2016: 44-45).

Lugaz, C.; De Grauwe, A. 2016. Improving school financing: the use and usefulness of school grants; lessons from East Asia and the Pacific. Paris: UNESCO-IIEP.

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