The SACMEQ IV Project in Namibia: a study of the conditions of schooling and the quality of primary education in Namibia

Auteur(s) : Shigwedha, Andreas Nangolo; Nakashole, Leopoldine; Auala, Hinananye; Amakutuwa, Hilma; Ailonga, Iyaloo

Publisher(s): Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture

Date: 2017

Pages: 126 p.

Serie: SACMEQ policy research: report

Series Volume: 4


This report aims to highlight the SACMEQ IV findings of the reading and mathematics achievement results of learners and teachers, as well as their HIV knowledge. The report will touch on the SACMEQ IV background, from data collection, data capturing and data analysis. Additionally, a brief analysis of the political features of Namibia and its people as well as its education system is shared. Emphasis is placed on the schooling administration system and the importance of numeracy and reading as highlighted by the National Development Plan (NDP5).

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