Spotlight: formative assessment – improving learning for every child

Organisation(s): HundrED

Date: 2022

Pages: 87 p.


There is a growing need for informal, regularly used methods of assessment without any external selection pressure that allow students to monitor and regulate their own learning. Such methods of assessment allow teachers to be reflective about how they are teaching and the possibility that they may need to adapt their instruction in order to improve learning processes and outcomes for each student. Additionally, assessment needs to allow children to be part of their learning journey, track their own progress, and set their own learning goals. Formative assessment is one of the approaches to answer this need, allowing teachers to develop students’ motivation and self-regulation through purposeful interaction with students around their learning process. The Formative Assessment – Improving Learning for Every Child Spotlight was launched in September 2021 by HundrED and the Jacobs Foundation aiming to identify ten to fifteen impactful and scalable education innovations that promote the systematic use of formative assessment to inform teaching and learning. This project contributes to the strategic goals of the Jacobs Foundation and HundrED’s mission of helping every child to flourish in life.

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