Securing the 21st century teacher workforce: global perspectives on teacher motivation and retention

Auteur(s) : Edge, Karen; Dapper, Eugene; Stone-Johnson, Corrie; Frayman, Keren; Terwindt, Reinier; Townsend, James; Jeevan, Sharath

Organisation(s): Qatar Foundation; World Innovation Summit for Education; University College London. Institute of Education; STiR Education

Date: 2017

Pages: 123 p.

The Securing the 21st Century Teacher Workforce Project is an innovative co-created project led by University College London Institute of Education and STIR Education. The project explores how various jurisdictions, at different levels of education systems, strive to enhance the work and lives of teachers. The report draws on a recent literature review and jurisdictional studies based on analysis of policy documents and trajectories, and interviews with senior policy leaders. The cases examine how governments, states, districts, schools and non-government actors across Jordan, Scotland, Uganda, Ontario (Canada), Uttar Pradesh (India), and Shanghai (China) are working to motivate, develop and retain teachers. Key logistical factors and system-wide conditions that influence teacher motivation, development, and retention are highlighted.

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