Rainy days and learning outcomes: evidence from Sub-Saharan Africa

Auteur(s) : Bekkouche, Yasmine; Houngbedji, Kenneth; Koussihouede, Oswald

Publisher(s): UMR LEDa-DIAL

Date: 2022

Pages: 29 p.

Serie: Document de travail

Series Volume: 2022-07


We combined information on daily rainfall at school locations and standardized test scores to study how learning outcomes at primary schools are affected by precipitation during school days in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our results suggest that student test scores are lower in schools that are exposed to more rainy days during the academic year. Students in locations that had more rainy school days are also more likely to experience grade repetition. We tested the mechanisms through which rainfall affects learning outcomes in our study area and found that teachers are more likely to be absent in locations with more rainy school days. We discuss the implications of these results and draw attention to policy options to mitigate learning loss during rainy school days.

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