Interventions for improving learning outcomes and access to education in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review

Auteur(s) : Snilstveit, Birte; Stevenson, Jennifer; Phillips, Daniel; Vojtkova, Martina; Gallagher, Emma; Schmidt, Tanja; Jobse, Hannah; Geelen, Maisie; Pastorello, Maria Grazia; Eyers, John

Publisher(s): International Initiative for Impact Evaluation

Date: 2015

Pages: 851 p.


This comprehensive systematic review synthesises the findings of 238 studies evaluating the effects of a range of different education programmes in 52 low and middle income countries. The primary objective of this review is to identify, assess and synthesise evidence on the effects of education interventions on children’s access to education and learning in low and middle income countries. The authors also aim to assess how education interventions affect different sub-groups of participants by incorporating sub-group analyses, and also include a broader range of evidence to address questions relating to process, implementation and cost-effectiveness.

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