Informe de resultados TERCE: logros de aprendizaje

Auteur(s) : Abarzúa, Andrea; García, María José; Flotts, M. Paulina; Cayuman, Carlos; Manzi, Jorge; Jiménez, Daniela

Organisation(s): UNESCO Office Santiago and Regional Bureau for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean

Date: 2015

Pages: 153 p.


This publication contains a variety of information and an analysis of learning achievements in reading, writing and mathematics in third grade and sixth grade, and in natural sciences (only in sixth grade). The results on learning achievements provided by TERCE are presented based on two types of information. On the one hand, there are the results based on the mean scores of the grading scale, for which the regional mean score of 700 is a reference. Using this score, and the associated standard error, it is possible to identify three groups of countries according to whether their means were significantly lower, equal to, or higher than this reference score. Generally speaking, it has been observed that the countries tend to always be located in the same group, regardless of the test or the grade evaluated. The second type of information presented in this publication has to do with performance levels, categorized from I to IV, from lowest to highest performance. Due to the fact that there is currently a large amount of students who fall in the lowest performance levels (I and II) on all tests, it has become necessary to foster more advanced learning achievement. Reinforcement of more complex learning will not only improve academic performance of boys and girls in the region, but also provide them with a greater range of tools to interpret texts, solve complex mathematical problems, and develop scientific thinking to be able to understand the world that surrounds them.

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