Exploring teachers' whys: understanding motivation among teachers in the Philippines

Organisation(s): SEAMEO Regional Center for Educational Innovation and Technology (Philippines); Philippines. Department of Education

Date: 2020

Pages: 427 p.


In 2018 SEAMEO INNOTECH embarked on a project that aimed to surface teachers’ motivations for joining and remaining in the profession. Through a combination of research methods, this project sought to answer two whys and two whats: Why do teachers decide to become teachers? Why do teachers decide to stay in the profession? What policy measures are in place that support teachers’ decisions to join and remain in the teaching profession? What policy recommendations may be drawn to encourage qualified and motivated teachers to join and remain in the Philippine education system? This report details findings of the research project, with the first sections providing an introduction and discussing methodologies entailed in conducting the study. A third chapter presents a review of literature that provides a brief overview of the status of teachers globally and in the Philippine setting, and highlights of key research focusing on factors contributing to teachers’ motivations and demotivations. This section also includes an overview of teacher welfare policies in the Philippines. The main chapter discusses key project results, first by presenting a profile of Philippine public school teachers, then by detailing teachers’ motivations for deciding to join or shift to the teaching profession and for deciding to remain as teachers. Potential reasons for leaving teaching are also discussed. A concluding section summarizes key findings, while the final section suggests policy options and recommendations for relevant stakeholders to promote teaching as a profession of first choice and to encourage teachers to keep on teaching in the Philippine education system.

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