Education policies: recommendations in Latin America based on TERCE

Auteur(s) : Treviño, Ernesto; Villalobos, Cristóbal; Baeza, Andrea

Organisation(s): UNESCO Office Santiago and Regional Bureau for Education in Latin America and the Caribbean

Date: 2016

Pages: 165 p.


This document proposes lines of action and specific recommendations for each issue previously diagnosed in the book of TERCE associated factors. The policy recommendations made in each section are based on the review of recent literature and are reinforced by specific examples of policies implemented in the 16 education systems participating in the study. This evidence is for two levels of educational policy decision-making: local and national; this was done as a response to the constant demand for alternative instruments, which are adapted to different economic and social contexts. With this document, the results of TERCE are grounded at a conceptual and practical level, oriented towards educational policy creators and managers, meaning that this large-scale evaluation is not only for research and diagnostic results but also for the design of sectorial policies in education. The TERCE-based findings make two major contributions: identify key intervention areas for decision makers, based on solid empirical evidence; at the same time the results of this research invite us to take urgent action to reduce educational inequalities. The Recommendations for TERCE -based Education Policy in Latin America document fulfills this objective and therefore the Sustainable Development Goals.

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