Champions for learning: the legacy of the Learning Metrics Task Force

Auteur(s) : Ditmore, Tyler; Anderson, Kate

Organisation(s): UNESCO Institute for Statistics; Brookings Institution (USA). Center for Universal Education

Date: 2016

Pages: 34 p.


The Learning Metrics Task Force (LMTF) was a group of education experts, civil society members, and government representatives convened in 2012 to catalyze a shift in the global education conversation from access to access plus learning. The LMTF also sought to build consensus on global learning indicators and actions to improve the measurement of learning in all countries. After two phases of work, the initiative sunset in early 2016. The first phase of LMTF (1.0) centered on research and consultations to build global consensus around assessment and learning domains. The second phase (2.0) centered on implementing the recommendations from the first phase. This report, the final report of LMTF 2.0, will focus on the task force’s work during that second phase.

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