Are our children learning? Annual learning assessment report Kenya 2011

Organisation(s): Uwezo

Publisher(s): Uwezo

Date: 2011

Pages: 74 p.


The promulgation of a new Kenya Constitution on 27th August 2010 brought with it new joy, and ushered in a new era. Kenyan children have a right to quality basic education! As we focus on children not going to school, children who are enrolled are entitled to equal attention. Are our children learning? This report presents findings of the Uwezo Kenya annual learning assessment. The assessment was conducted between February and March 2011, in 124 districts countrywide. A total of round 134,243 children aged 6-16 years were assessed in basic literacy (Kiswahili and English) and numeracy. Besides, the report presents findings based on school and household data. The report has three main sections. The introduction section gives an overview of the processes and tools, including an overview of key findings. The second section is a national report, while the last section presents one-page reports for each of the 47 counties. The research was undertaken by Uwezo, meaning 'capability' in Kiswahili, an initiative that seeks to improve literacy and numeracy levels among children aged 6-16 years in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, through an innovative, civic-driven and public accountability approach to social change.

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