Literacy as numbers: researching the politics and practices of international literacy assessment

This book enquires into the politics and practices of international literacy assessment programmes, exploring how the internationally comparable numbers so heavily relied on in national policy are produced and how they shape our understanding of the meanings and purposes of literacy. It aims to raise questions and trigger discussion on processes of quantification by examining the concepts of literacy competence that underpin international assessment data and the challenges of achieving cross-cultural validity in diverse international settings. The collection brings together internationally leading academics in this field and representatives from key policy and literacy assessment institutions to begin to identify a future research agenda for the emerging field of International Assessment Studies. It illuminates the work that goes on behind the scenes in producing the tests and the data. The unfinished nature of this work is evidenced through insider accounts of the debates that absorb researchers, policy makers, implementers and practitioners alike.

Hamilton, Mary
Maddox, Bryan
Addey, Camilla
Cambridge education research series
226 p.
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