[Form of decentralisation] Transfer to local elected authorities.

example of use

The devolution of authority for decision-making to local education offices has been an efficient but temporary solution, but would not be applicable as a long-term strategy, because (1) these authorities have to modify the curriculum in line with local insurgents’ opinions, which affects the quality of education; (2) the insurgents do not allow girls to participate beyond primary schools, so the Ministry would be unable to train female students in secondary schools in order to provide more local female teachers; and (3) the results of these negotiations are not always sustainable and will change as insurgent policy changes toward government authorities in the insecure provinces (Sigsgaard, 2011: 104). , There have been increasing calls for greater decentralization of the education system (the control of schools and appointment of teachers being devolved to parent and community groups, or the devolution of curriculum and assessment). This is particularly true in highly centralizeschool systems that, while they may provide equal access and educational provisions, are seen to ignore the needs of the students due to their focus on homogeneity in the education system (Inglis, 2008: 65).

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