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Which issues matter most for improving learning outcomes and education quality? Learn more here about the top 25 ways to improve learning.

In general, the range of factors that affect learning can be organized under 5 different categories: learners & support structures, teachers & pedagogy, curriculum & materials, schools & classrooms, and education system management. Click on the articles below to access brief summaries of the research on 25 top learning issues or download the full collection of research briefs in PDF form. 

Click here to read more about the theory behind the improve learning model.

Learners & Support Structures

Learn more about school-readiness at all ages, early childhood education, learning styles and learning disabilities, parental support to education, and social inequalities.

Teachers & Pedagogy

Learn more about teacher recruiting and deployment, teacher motivation and status, pre-service teacher training, effective pedagogy, and supporting in-service teachers.

Curriculum & Materials

Learn more about curriculum and standards, language of instruction, textbooks and teachers’ guides, supplementary learning materials, and educational technology.

Schools & Classrooms

Learn more about school leadership and management, the physical and psycho-social school environment, instructional time and classroom management, and formative assessment

Education System Management

Learn more about education sector analysis and planning, financing education, decentralization of education management, inspection / accreditation systems, and use of assessment (...)