What students of Class V know and can do: a summary of India’s National Achievement Survey, Class V (Cycle 4)

Autor(es): Sreekanth, Y.; Srivastava, Sridhar; Kumar, Santosh; Sharma, Manika; Waila, Prerana

Organisation(s): India. National Council of Educational Research and Training.

Date: 2015

Pages: [42] p.


The test is administered in 34 States/UTs after an elaborate procedure of identification of sample size, student population and test development. Modern techniques of analysis and interpretation of findings through item response theory are used. The findings are also presented in terms of category and location of students. In this report, the highlights of the 4th Cycle of the achievement survey are presented along with comparison of students performance with the previous Cycle-3 in Language, Mathematics and Environmental Studies.

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