Uganda’s assessment system: a road-map for enhancing assessment in education

Autor(es): Outhred, Rachel; Varly, Pierre; Allen, Reg; Elks, Phil

Organisation(s): Health and Education Advice and Resource Team; UK. Dept for International Development

Date: 2016

Pages: 105 p. + 86 p.

This report provides a road-map describing how Uganda can develop a robust, resilient, self-improving and adaptive assessment system, grounded in Uganda’s culture, history and context. Such an assessment system will be able to produce the results Uganda needs and wants both now and in the future under changing economic, social, political and external circumstances. The current assessment system does not meet all of these requirements. The report describes the current system under seven headlined descriptions: 1. In practice, little priority is given in classrooms to matters that are not closely aligned to the demands of examinations. 2. Standardised tests of literacy and numeracy do not show significant and continuing upward trends and the link between using these tests and changes in policy and practices is not clear. 3. Teacher absences from classrooms are a fundamental constraint on classroom learning and assessment processes. 4. There are significant regional (e.g. rural/urban) and social differences in participation and attainment. 5. Much of the knowledge and skills learners need today and for their futures has little or no role in formal tests and examinations. 6. Ensuring integrity and authenticity in high-stakes assessments presents significant challenges. 7. Many parents look for ways to ensure their children get the high scores needed to get into ‘good’ schools for the next stage of their education.

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