Transforming education systems: why, what, and how

Autor(es): Sengeh, David; Winthrop, Rebecca

Organisation(s): Center for Universal Education at Brookings (USA)

Publisher(s): CUE

Date: 2022

Pages: 32 p.

Today, the topic of education system transformation is front of mind for many leaders. Ministers of education around the world are seeking to build back better as they emerge from COVID-19-school closures to a new normal of living with a pandemic. The U.N. secretary general is convening the Transforming Education Summit (TES) at this year’s general assembly meeting (United Nations, n.d.). Students around the world continue to demand transformation on climate and, not finding voice to do this through their schools, are regularly leaving class to test out their civic action skills. This brief is for any education leader or stakeholder who is interested in charting a transformation journey in their country or education jurisdiction, such as a state or district. It is also for civil society organizations, funders, researchers, and anyone interested in the topic of national development through education. In it, the authors answer the following three questions and argue for a participatory approach to transformation: Why is education system transformation urgent now? What is education system transformation? How can education system transformation advance in your country or jurisdiction?

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