Towards the design and implementation of comprehensive primary grade literacy and numeracy programs: a working paper by the Global Reading Network

Autor(es): Srikantaiah, Deepa; Pallangyo, Amy; Sugrue, Mary; Sitabkhan, Yasmin

Organisation(s): Global Reading Network (USA); USA. Agency for International Development; University Research Corporation (USA)

Date: 2019

Pages: 115 p.

Serie: Working Paper


This paper seeks to advance the international education community’s reflections on how to design primary grade literacy and numeracy programs that bring an efficient and effective dual approach to the teaching of both essential skills. It proposes an overall planning framework that is “pedagogy and learning focused,” and that lends itself to the implementation of comprehensive and system-wide reform. The framework, known as the MOSAIC, identifies the essential components of sustainable, scalable programs (cf. Crouch & DeStefano, 2017; Fullan, 2000; Moore et al., 2017) and describes how they can be actualized in literacy and numeracy initiatives for the primary grades. Using the MOSAIC framework can assist program developers in designing context-appropriate interventions that honor the integrity of both disciplines, while leveraging the natural connections between them.

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