Towards inclusive schools and enhanced learning: a synthesis of case study findings from different countries = Vers une école inclusive et une amélioration de l'apprentissage: synthèse des résultats d'études de cas menées dans différents pays

Autor(es): Govinda, R.

Publisher(s): UNESCO

Date: 2009

Pages: 44 + 49 p.

This publication is based on an analysis of sixteen case studies from as many countries drawn from diff erent parts of the world. The publication attempts to synthesize the lessons emerging from the case studies. Considering that the case studies have been conducted in very diverse contexts, and refer to innovative eff orts in diff erent systemic conditions, no attempt is made to draw generalizations. Rather, the purpose of the synthesis is to collate critical messages derived from various experiences for making schools more accessible and inclusive. It also considers the participation in schooling and learning as to be more meaningful to children since it is contributing to their overall development in general, and to cognitive development in particular. The research case studies, conducted over the last academic year (2007–2008), are intended to give indications and propose refl ections for guidance on programme development and implementation. They should help identify good practices, particularly in countries/regions where schools function in resource-constrained environments, and they should carry out comprehensive studies based on such practices. A particular focus is given to the theme of inclusive schools and enhanced learning – a concept that looks beyond mere enrolment and attendance to ensuring that every individual is enabled to acquire basic competencies and life skills in the short term, and become a lifelong learner over the long term.

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