The Quality of basic education in Senegal: a review: final report

Autor(es): Lynd, Mark Robert; DeStefano, Joseph; Thornton, Barbara

Publisher(s): Center for Collaboration and the Future of Schooling (USA)

Date: 2009

Pages: 105 p.


This report presents the findings of a review of education quality in Senegal conducted over the course of three weeks from February 17 through March 6, 2009. USAID commissioned the review to: 1. Analyze key quality constraints in the primary education sub-sector and review middle school quality activities currently being supported by USAID/PAEM. 2. Identify critical capacity gaps in the education system taking into consideration the following: broad capacity issues; implementation capacity; capacity to ensure quality; ability to support decentralization; and capacity to implement national plans. 3. Develop a program description for a new education activity.

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