The Political economy of educational reform and learning in Ethiopia (1941-2021)

Autor(es): Gershberg, Alec; Kefale, Asnake; Hailu, Belay Hagos

Organisation(s): Research on Improving Systems of Education

Publisher(s): RISE

Date: 2023

Pages: 63 p. + 15 p.


This report analyzes the trajectory of reforms to improve learning outcomes in Ethiopia across three regimes (HSI, Derg, and EPRDF) since 1941. It employs a political settlements approach to trace the motivations, interests, and actions that led to certain policy choices, and draws on primary and secondary data sources to assess impacts on the education sector. The analysis focuses on three themes in particular: the politics of educational (learning) policymaking; national (regional) examinations and teacher career paths. Ultimately, the report argues that improving learning outcomes would require professionalization of education policy-making along with an impetus to improve policy continuity.

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