The Learning Ecosystems Framework

Organisation(s): Economist Impact; Jacobs Foundation

Date: 2022

Pages: Website + 71 p. + 35 p.

There is growing recognition that education systems require fundamental change to equip young people with the right types of skills and mindsets to remain adaptable and resilient in a rapidly changing world. One approach to revitalising education is the concept of learning ecosystems. This interdisciplinary model moves away from standardised, top-down systems towards a more integrated and personalised approach involving a wider cast of educational providers; but, no single tool exists for evaluating the enabling factors and success of learning ecosystems. The Learning Ecosystems Framework, commissioned by Jacobs Foundation, aims to close this gap. The framework pinpoints the key factors that enable the development of thriving learning ecosystems across different environments that work, individually and as a connected network, to deliver learning to young people: the traditional and formal school environment, the home - a child’s first school - and the wider community. Economist Impact applied the framework to a diverse selection of 20 countries, covering almost 50% of the world's children. The analysis draws on data collected through a survey of 2,000 teachers and young people (aged 18–20) across these countries to understand individuals’ experiences, supplemented by additional desk-based research.

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