The impact of language policy and practice on children’s learning: evidence from Eastern and Southern Africa

Autor(es): Trudell, Barbara

Organisation(s): UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office

Date: 2016

Pages: 144 p.


This literature review of language policy and education quality in the 21 countries of UNICEF’s Eastern and Southern Africa Region provides an in-depth, up-to-date perspective on the realities and impact of language use in the region’s formal education environments. Chapter 1 provides an overview of findings regarding language and education quality in general, on which the study is built. Chapter 2 contains a country-by-country review of language policy, education practice, studies on language and education, and language education initiatives. Chapter 3 presents evidence gathered specifically on language policy and student learning outcomes in the countries of Eastern and Southern Africa. It presents and analyses numerical findings from the Human Development Index, SACMEQ studies, Early Grade Reading Assessments (EGRA), and country-specific quantitative studies. Chapter 4 consists of case studies of three countries in the region: Ethiopia, South Africa and South Sudan. Chapter 5 presents the conclusions and recommendations.

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