The effect of teacher evaluation on achievement and attainment: evidence from statewide reforms

Autor(es): Bleiberg, Joshua; Brunner, Eric; Harbatkin, Erica; Kraft, Matthew A.; Springer, Matthew G.

Publisher(s): Annenberg Institute for School Reform

Date: 2021

Pages: 57 p.

Serie: EdWorkingPaper

Series Volume: 21-496


Starting in 2009, the U.S. public education system undertook a massive effort to institute new high-stakes teacher evaluation systems. We examine the effects of these reforms on student achievement and attainment at a national scale by exploiting the staggered timing of implementation across states. We find precisely estimated null effects, on average, that rule out impacts as small as 1.5 percent of a standard deviation for achievement and 1 percentage point for high school graduation and college enrollment. We also find little evidence of heterogeneous effects across an index measuring system design rigor, specific design features, and district characteristics.

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