The effect of private schooling on learning outcomes in South Asia and East Africa: a within-family approach

Autor(es): Gruijters, Rob J.; Alcott, Benjamin; Rose, Pauline

Organisation(s): University of Cambridge (UK). Research for Equitable Access and Learning Centre

Date: 2020

Pages: 29 p.

Serie: Research and policy paper

Series Volume: 20/7


By looking at the effect of private schooling in four lower and lower-middle income countries the study addresses three main questions: 1) How does access to private schooling in India, Pakistan, Kenya and Uganda differ by socio-economic background? 2) What is the effect of private schooling on learning outcomes? 3) Does this effect differ by socio-economic background? The authors found that access to private schools is highly stratified by parental wealth, although even some of the poorest children attended private schools. There is no indication that the effect of private schooling differs by parental background.

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