The 2017 PSIPSE global convening report

Organisation(s): Partnership to Strengthen Innovation and Practice in Secondary Education

Date: 2018

Pages: 40 p.


The convening aimed to achieve four objectives: 1) Peer Learning: To reflect on experiences to date; share information, results, and innovations in secondary education in East Africa, India, and Nigeria; and to explore possible solutions for addressing challenges and constraints in this space. 2) Networking and Collaboration: To build and strengthen in-country and regional connections, and explore opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange. 3) Institutional Strengthening: To facilitate learning support around technical issues including monitoring and evaluation, strategic communications, data-driven decision making, and scale-up, among others. 4) Knowledge-Building and Commitment: To create a common commitment to pushing the secondary education agenda. The sharing of knowledge and experience concerning innovations designed to improve secondary education across all contexts, painted a rich picture of what is and isn’t working, and provided partners with an opportunity to more deeply reflect on the state of their own projects. This opportunity for reflection facilitated the identification of cross-cutting issues around secondary school education; consensus building on strategic, country-level secondary education priorities; and the generation of emergent strategies to take forward collective learning and action to advance the secondary education agenda.

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