Teacher gender, student gender, and primary school achievement: evidence from ten francophone African countries

Autor(es): Lee, Jieun; Rhee, Dong-Eun; Rudolf, Robert

Date: 2018

Pages: p. 661-679

Serie: Journal of Development Studies

Series Volume: 55:4 (2019)


Using an exceptionally rich, standardised education assessment dataset comprising over 1800 primary schools and 31,000 grade six students from 10 francophone Western and Central African countries, this study analyses the relationship between teacher gender, student gender, and student achievement. Findings indicate that, for girls, being taught by a female teacher increases math and reading performance. For boys, however, teacher gender has no effect. Similar, but less strong effects are also found for subject appreciation. Moreover, traditional academic gender stereotypes remain prevalent among both male and female teachers. Our findings suggest that hiring more female teachers in the region can reduce educational gender gaps without hurting boys.

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