Tanzania life skills assessment: life skills findings report

Organisation(s): RTI International

Date: 2019

Pages: iii, 27 p.


The assessment of life skills is still relatively new in Tanzania, although it is covered in the curriculum from pre-primary through secondary. With UNICEF support, life skills assessment was initially included in the 2015-2016 Early Grade Reading and Early Grade Mathematics (EGRA/EGMA) assessments supported by other development partners like USAID and DFID, allowing for national baseline data to be available in three life skill areas: academic grit, self-control and problem solving. Consequently, the objectives of the 2017 lifeskills assessment were to build on this data, as well as gain new data for a health skills component; in addition to further refining the life skills assessment instruments. This data subsequently influenced the development of the National Life Skills Strategy which was validated in June 2019.

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