Strengthening basic education system and improving learning outcomes in Tanzania: a World Bank policy note for Tanzania - Mainland

Organisation(s): World Bank

Publisher(s): World Bank

Date: 2023

Pages: 52 p.


The implementation of the fee-free basic education policy (FBEP) in Tanzania since 2015 has led to consistent growth in the education sector. However, the rapidly increasing school-age population has been creating demands for additional resources and capacity that are often not met. Persistent challenges related to institutional governance and insufficient education spending toward core teaching and learning matters further hinder service delivery and result in inadequate learning outcomes. This note draws evidence from existing studies and available data, taking a holistic approach to assess the performance of the basic education system in Mainland Tanzania in the last decade. It describes the basic service delivery indicators but also goes beyond to analyze the underlying challenges in institutional governance and basic education financing. Recognizing that basic education can deliver fundamental literacy, numeracy, as well as socioemotional skills which are crucial building blocks for continued education and training, employment, and lifelong fulfillment for all Tanzanian citizens, the policy note highlights the following areas that require attention: equitable access; learning outcomes; quantity, quality, and management of teachers; school learning environment; the curriculum and language of instruction; national examinations and learning assessments; and governance and finance.

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