Smart education strategies for teaching and learning: critical analytical framework and case studies

Autor(es): Isaacs, Shafika; Mishra, Sanjaya

Organisation(s): UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education; Beijing Normal University (China); Commonwealth of Learning

Publisher(s): UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education

Date: 2022

Pages: 146 p.


This electronic publication about smart education strategies for building the resilience of education and training systems in the post-pandemic environment provides a framework to develop appropriate policy and strategy in existing and emerging forms of schooling, higher education, technical and vocational education, and training (TVET ), adult education and lifelong learning, including formal, non-formal and informal educational environments. While the discussion takes a historical view, it is also forward-looking and future-oriented. It hopes to contribute to ongoing, evolving conversations and debates on appropriate smart education policy development. The publication reviews the status of smart education policies in 10 countries. It includes 15 case studies within the six policy themes: infrastructure, curriculum and pedagogy, digital education resources and platforms, skills and competencies, governance, management and administration, and partnership. A policy template and a mechanism for monitoring and evaluating smart education policy implementation included in the publication would help the UNESCO Member States adopt smart education policies and strategies.

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